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Respect for customers -- a solemn promise, a sincere service

We sell not only products, but also services from beginning to end. We have a special customer protection department to design a special service model for customers.

We are building an intelligent service platform for the future data era.

Pre sales technical research

According to your requirements, we can provide you with pre-sale professional and systematic technical evaluation program implementation details.

After sales technical support and customer training

In accordance with the service concept of "meeting and exceeding customer expectations", meiheng has continuously established a customer-centered customer training and after-sales service support system.

Professional user guide

All products of meiheng company can provide basic information and express installation guide. You can go to the website and Download the product manual.

Customer information management

Meiheng has established a personalized and professional product application information management system for you, and has a complete set of preset scheme for your enterprise's service. Meiheng continuously releases maintenance and repair experience to share application resources with you.

Localized customer support center

We will continue to establish and improve the localized customer protection center.

Professional: a localized technical support team with rich theoretical basis and on-site practical experience, an expert level technical support center and intelligent service platform of the headquarters.

Fast - dedicated to the localization of the customer support team, so that the response time becomes shorter, so that you truly realize that "meiheng" is at your side.

Efficient - for you to solve problems quickly and effectively is our service tenet.

Value added - the provision of professional products is only the beginning of cooperation with you. The service solutions tailored for you and the equipment safety and operation management based on the information platform are the higher pursuit of "meiheng people".