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The MH-SCADA intelligent building management system

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The open architecture of the MH-SCADA provides an ideal platform for the monitoring and controlof large-scale facilities such as Entertainment City. It’sand its unique open design to help the entertainment city to achieve a wealth of intelligent management requirements.

Case background

The Entertainment City is a large comprehensive entertainment complex.The facility includes recreation facilities, an international hotel, a large conference center, theaters, cinemas, theme restaurants, bars, restaurants, retail stores, playgrounds and a largeparking lot and other facilities.

the intelligent management system includes a variable power distribution and load control system, water supply and drainage control system, cooling and heating control system, disaster detection, alarm system, lighting control system, escalators and facilities drive control system etc. It brings together a variety of intelligent control and management systems into a single integrated system. Through these systems, the Entertainment City achieves a centralized control of the entire complex and its various sub-systems and facilities.



Case analysis

Distribution and load control system: 

l Automatic monitoring of power distribution circuit status, faults and alarms

l Distribution of power supply capacity according to the actual demand

l Through applying strict principles of electrical energy management, energy saving about 20% has been realized.

l Emergency power management, to achieve uninterrupted power supply


Water supply and drainage control system:

l Monitors the running status of water supply pumps and landscape water pumps

l Management of emergency fire water

l Should an electrical energy overload happen the system automatically shuts down the landscape water pump to ensure the water supply


Refrigeration and heating control system:

l Monitors all refrigerator, freezer, boiler and air conditioning systems

l The heating water can be manually controlled if the accommodation rooms hot water temperature is insufficient. By distributing the operation time of air conditioning units, an energy consumption of 15%~20% can be realised.


Disaster detection and alarm system:

l Fire alarm systems are continuously monitored for all areas of the complex.Automatic operation of fire extinguishing devices

l The start and stopping of some intelligent alarm sensors (such as by-passing smoke alarms should the theatre be generating smoke during a performance)


Lighting control system:

l Monitor the lighting quality of complex interior  and safety lighting.

l Remote control of lighting and the operation of and maintenance lighting switches

l According to the season and change automatic control for switching lighting on and off.


Escalator and transmission control:

l Monitoring the status of all recreational transport facilities

l Provide rapid maintenance support through the fault management  system

l Reduce facility risk through preventive maintenance procedures

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