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Company profile

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MH is an international professional group with three core companies located in Dalian, China.
MH includes:

Dalian MH Electric Ltd.                         —— MHE
Dalian MH Technology Ltd.                  
—— MHT
MH Automation (Dalian) Co., Ltd.        
—— MHA


 MH has set up three core enterprises in China which specialize in industries as follows

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l Motor Drives, Processing Control and Data Transmission Devices.

l Intelligent Control Solutions for Cranes and Material Handling Equipment.

l Industrial Design.

l Industrial Control and Informatization Software:


l Embedded SoftwareMotor Control Drives and Processing Control Devices.

l Asset Management Systems (AMS).

l Technical Service with Intelligent Data Service Platforms.


Dalian MH Electric Ltd. (MHE)

l R&D of motor drive and automation control technologies.

l Industrial design and process engineering.

l Production of industrial electronic devices, such as Thyromat AC Thyristor Slip-ring Motor Controller.

l Design and production of Frequency Converter and its system.

l Design and production of automation control system solutions for heavy duty cranes and material handling machinery.

l Hoisting machinery engineering: install, refurbish and repair (A-level qualification certificate).

l Technical Support and Field Service.


Dalian MH Technology Ltd. (MHT)

Dedicated to industrial control software and information management system.

l MH-SCADA: a world-class configuration system development software with strong control and data analysis.

l Embedded Industrial Control Software: primarily used for motor automation.

l MHCIMS: a smart information system used for crane safety and operation management.

l Other resource information management system development and design of - AMS.

l Value-added Services.


MH Automation (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (MHA)

Dedicated to general crane electrical controls. Design, produce and sell general crane system which is integrated with Thyristor drives.

With greatest respect to all customers, MH is committed to offering independently innovative and reliable technologies and products, as well as professional services.

MH focuses on technological innovation, product creation and quality assurance, so that customers can benefit from MH's high value-added technologies, products and services.

"The good rain knows its season. When spring arrives, then it comes." The support from customers is the spring rain for MH's growth. The responsibility and gratitude to our customers is the driving force of our development.
We honor “Devotion, Faith and Perseverance”, so we devote ourselves to create a better world together with customers in a sustainable way.