Achievements and Milestones

Achievements and Milestones

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l MH keep on going development AC thyristor drives (Thyromat) suitable for steel-making environment with the ambient temperature over 60since 1970’s.

l Up to the year 2016, more than 12,000 units of Thyromats are driving on cranes in various industries over the world.

l In China, over 110 large-scaled steel works and 90 customers in other fields are using Thyromat drives and systems.

l In UK, South Africa, main metallurgy and steel works are using MH products.

l Thyromat-10BCC 2500A as one compact biggest motor drive was invented by MH, and unit put into service on 280t Ladle Crane for Yanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd in year 2012. In 2016, first Thyromat-10BCC 3000A drive was launched to the market.

l On 500t Hot Metal Cranes at TATA Steel, Talbot Port, Thyromat system has been working well since hand-over in 2004.

l With an international R&D team, we developed MH-SCADA configuration platform software of new generation: Visualization, Data Analysis, Controls.

l Based on MH-SCADA, smart controlling and managing system for State Grain Reserves has been put into service since 2014.

l MHCIMS (MH Crane Information Management System), from on-crane local application to networking system, has been successfully developed & put into service on customers’ sites. Kept ongoing development and growing demand for MHCIMS make the system value added continuously.

l MHCIMS has been validated by large crane safety monitoring and management system test. This test is held by General Administration of Quality Supervision and Work Safety of the People’s Republic of China, which aims to enhance the safety level of large cranes’ operations.

l September 2016, based on high level development platform, our EMS (Energy Management System), from control layer to top management layer, has been put into service in a high speed train manufacturer.




MH Automation (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was founded on January 8 , 2000, based on MH professional experiences in crane controls since1970. Also, the Thyromat Digital Crane Controller was introduced to China for the cranes in harsh environments.


In February 2001, the 1st generation of Thyromat BDC Digital Crane Controller  was released and used in Chinese and international markets. The market volume was up to 100 units.THYROMAT BDCH 2000A was successfully used in Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., which at that time was the largest size of the digital crane controller in the world.


MH has become the most preferred manufacturer and service provider in China, South Africa and UK, in terms of thyristor crane controllers.


MH Automation (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was identified as a high-tech enterprise.The market volume of Thyromat BDC series products was up to 200 units.


Thyromat BDC was successfully used on a 500t ladle crane in Corus Steel, Wales, UK.


The MHA office was moved to Dalian High-Tech Zone, with building area up to 5,500 m². In the same year, MHA obtained ISO9001 and UKAS International Quality Management System Certification, certified by China Classification Society Certification Company (CCSC).Thyromat BDCH2500A was successfully used on three 350t ladle cranes, which was the largest capacity in the world.


R&D and production were integrated into one internationalized platform. In the same year, MHE was identified as a high-tech enterprise. First simplified MHCIMS installed based on OEM SCADA.


MHT finalized its industrial software and information system products, and became an industrial software company. In the same year, Thyromat BCC Slipring Motor Phase Controller, joint-developed with oversea R&D team, was recognized by the market. Thyromat 10BCC Slipring Motor Phase Controller was in pilot production.


MH-SCADA was successfully developed by cooperating with overseas R&D team, which was a new generation, proprietary system development platform for configuration (software). MHE was certified as an A-class company, specializing in crane installation, refurbishment and repair. The annual output of Thyromat series products was 900 units reached.


The total numbers of Thyromats supplied by MH is more than 10,000 units all of the world. Thyromat-10BCC 2500A was successfully used on a 280t ladle crane in Yanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., which is the world first largest Digital Crane Controller with 10 thyristors. In the same year, MHT was identified as a high-tech enterprise.


The brand new series of MH Crane Information Management System (MHCIMS) was released, which is based on MH-SCADA development platform, Including crane safety management, health and efficiency management and production management. MH-SCADA was first used in Grain silo mining management systems.