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Salary and benefits

A: When you join meiheng company, you can enjoy the following salary and benefits

Meiheng company provides employees with competitive salary, and provides employees with salary adjustment opportunities, year-end bonus, special reward and other incentive measures every year. The company provides endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance (including serious illness), maternity insurance, work-related injury insurance and housing provident fund for employees, and personal accident insurance for project engineers and overseas employees. 

Employees can enjoy all kinds of holidays stipulated by the state according to law, and meiheng company will distribute holiday materials to employees. 

When you have a birthday, you will receive a beautiful birthday gift from meiheng company. 

Every year, the company will organize various staff activities from time to time, such as basketball match, table tennis match, hiking, annual meeting, etc., so as to enrich the spare time life of employees and promote the communication between employees.