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A foreign water treatment company was running a water treatment plant on a 20 year old Fulmen System and its telemetry on an HP A400 backbone. This foreign water treatment company faced growing concerns about the systems robustness, efficiency and sustainability as it looked towards the challenges of becoming selfsustainable in the new millennium. The foreign water treatment company sought a reputable local SCADA manufacturer offering a scalable and fit-for-purpose product, coupled with the cost advantages and readily available support associated with advanced SCADA software. MH-SCADA matched the requirements.

Solution Details


The open and modern integration platform offered within MH-SCADA allowed it to linked into the database that supported the chemical reporting software that sits on an administrative machine. The database connectivity allows MH-SCADA to push real-time process data into an Microsoft Access database this forms the basis of understanding and optimizing the process.


The Bulk Water Department uses the MH-SCADA’s real-time and historical trending function to monitor and record water chemical dosages, pH levels, flow rates, and water levels. Historical trends are also analyzed to determine plant problems. Performance of the process and the process controllers is also monitored by the system. For example, by trending the pump currents , the city can plot a curve and trend pump temperature. This information can be used to gauge performance and predict maintenance cycles of these large clearwater pump sets. Alarming is ubiquitous and is used to warn operators if a processes goes out of its pre-set parameters, these include notifications of high and low water levels, water flows, chemical tank storage levels, dosage -pump dosing rates, chemical dosage ranges, pH levels and conductivity levels.

User Benefits of the MH-SCADA System

The MH-SCADA provides full plant monitoring and control across the full spectrum of the water treatment company’s potable water and wastewater treatment works. Communications is by means of a combination of radio, fiber optics, cellular and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) technology on site.


At the pumping stations, the MH-SCADA monitors currents, temperatures, loads and pumping pressures to ensure early warning for the networks within the GIS interface. The SCADA monitors the water storage capacity of the company’s extensive network of reservoirs and the MH-SCADA advanced warning system allows the water works to optimize reservoir levels. The business benefits to this foreign water treatment company and its client base includes the ability to avoid overflows, a condition that results in loss of revenue as well as impacting on the city’s ongoing Unaccounted for Water (UFW) initiatives. A further benefit is that unsafe situations due to overflows are minimized. Needless to say, interruptions to supply due to reservoirs running dry are just as important in this strategy.


In addition to the direct savings and safety benefits, the predictive maintenance system enabled by the MH-SCADA allows for improved accuracy in ordering and managing spare parts. This foreign water treatment company is then able to pass these savings on to consumers. The automated data acquisition, remote monitoring and control capabilities eliminates costly overtime associated with physically manning the stations.



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