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MVCAN MHGGeneralFrequencyConverter

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The MVCAN MHG series of frequency converters have an  advanced design, are exceptionally manufactured, in fact they are so well crafted that they can be called art. They have unlimited applications and are especially suited to applications requiring high system reliability, dynamic characteristics, transmission accuracy and overload protection. They can implement drive tasks extraordinarily well and guarantee to maintain their superlative performance and reliability over their entire lifespan. Their power rating range is from 0.37kW to 630kW and the following three voltage grades can be selected: AC208-240V, AC380-500V and AC525-690V.


The MVCAN MHG series of frequency converters include the following products

 MVCAN MHG IP21/IP54: uses a hanging style/standing style and therefore does not need to be  installed in a cabinet.


 MVCAN MHG large power IP00 module: needs to be installed in a cabinet.


 MVCAN MHG robust and reliable cabinet: provides an extremely flexible configuration and a

      complete range of optional parts.


The Feature of the Product

 Provides the necessary power rating range and voltage grades.


 Provides a diverse range of macros to meet any practical application requirement.


 Ability to control the induction motor or permanent magnet motor.


 Dynamic open loop and close loop vector control.


 Complete serial communication element selection and I/O element selection.


 Fast communication between frequency converters.

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