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Intelligent Agriculture installations solution

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China is a progressive and large producer of agricultural products. With the development of the agricultural and rural economy, agricultural production methods have shofted  away from traditional extensive manual modes of operation towards modern intensive and automated mode of operation.


As a showcase of modern intensive farming and applications of high and new technology, agricultural technology demonstration gardens haveemerged. Intelligent Agricultural solutions offer an advanced agricultural infrastructure which uses the latest and hightechnology in the Agriculture sector. Using modern automation sensors and automatic control technology and by applying such an approach allows the system to be effectively de-coupled from the natural environment being able to produce agricultural produce in a more consistent way.


Solution Architecture



Features of the Solution

l Predictability: According to the analysis of environmental parameters, the running condition of control equipment can be predicted which allows for  increased equipment efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

l Powerful environmental controlion: Internal temperature and moisture, ventilation, fertilization can be controlled by various external controllers and equipment.

l Perfect data processing function: Information from various sensors and actions of control equipment will be recorded through the control configuration software.

l Remote monitoring function: The Remote monitoring capability of the systemcan monitor and control devices and setpoints  in the greenhouse without any workers having to do this manually.

l Data networking function: Data is connected to the LAN and Internet to realize the data-sharing by industrial bus.

The System performance is reliable, stable, simple and low cost, easy in maintenance , easy to extend and offers a low total cost of ownership

Solution Components and Features

Sensors and data acquisition system

ØData acquisition control module

The PC based software Data acquisition control module is the core of the system, and it picks up output  signals  measured by the transducers in the field and decides on the value of the control signal to ensure the correct levels of control is applied to the environment.


ØSoil-moisture sensor

Soil moisture content can be on-line measured in both the surface layer and the deep layer soil.


ØSoil temperature sensor

Soil temperature sensor which is installed in the greenhouse soil, measures the temperature variation during the growth, development and wateringof crops.


ØAir temperature and humidity sensor

Air temperature and humidity sensor is used to measure the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse.


ØOptical sensor

Optical sensor is used to measure light radiation intensity in the greenhouse. According to the result the control system then adjusts light intensity to meet the needs of optimal crop growth.


ØRainfall sensor

Rainfall sensor measures the amount of rainfall, precipitation intensity and precipitation time to provide the primary data on water-supply operation and irrigation management.


ØEvaporation sensor

The evaporation sensor measures transpiration, water surface evaporation and water resources assessment.


ØComposite wind speed and direction sensor

The composite wind speed and direction sensor is used to measure wind direction and intensity.


Intelligent execution system

ØWindows Switch system

The greenhouse windows management system is used to manage natural ventilation in greenhouse and is able to control temperature, humidity and C02 concentration to meet the needs of crop growth.


Ø Screen system

Screen system is used to adjust light and temperature in sunshade and insulation systems.


ØFan - wet curtain cooling system

Fan - wet curtain cooling system is composed of wet curtain cooling installation and fan. It cools the air by blowing air through a wet curtain and is used to control temperature.


ØGreenhouse heating system

Greenhouse heating system is composed of heat source, radiator and heat transport system.


ØGreenhouse irrigation system

Greenhouse irrigation system is used to collect, pressurize, refine and filter water. It then waters the crops.


ØGreenhouse - other actuators and systems

Apart from the above systems there is the lighting system, Carbon Dioxide supply system and the like. These can be incorporated and would depend on the particular facility


Information management and analysis system

Øvideo monitoring system

Video monitoring systemplays a positive role in the greenhouse control and management. Managers can sit in a control room and have a real-time view in order to assist in managing the various greenhouses under their control.


ØInformation management system

l User Management Module: The visualization system is a multi-user operating system and can classifyuser operation capability depending on their roles and responsibilities within the farm.

l Data real-time display moduleThe system shows environment parameters, video dataand equipment operational condition collected from sensors in real-time.

l Equipment control management center: It controls and manages all the equipment in greenhouse, what is more, it allows the handling of exception and alarm conditions remotely.

l Historical data management module: It can retrieve and display any data from the historical database. This allows users to better understand what has happened and to retrieve information. Historical data analysis module: This feature allows users to query and retrieve data in order to best build the correct growth recipes and models based on historical data.

l Data backup management module: All data can be backed upfor user access at a later date. This can be done to a specified storage medium.


User benefits

An intelligent agriculturalsolution progresses the process and efficiency of high concentration agricultural sector. Using modern automation and intelligent control methods it forms the base of a modern farming estate.

The solution creates a perfect growing environment for plants to improve crop yield and quality. It can reduce operator's physical labor and increase efficiency of equipment, slow climate change and reduces disease.

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