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MHCIMS Crane Information Management System

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Product description

MHCIMS - Crane Safety Monitoring and Information Management System is a smart solution to comprehensive management of crane safety, health and efficiency. And we also accept tailor-made crane information solutions for the customers.


The Feature of the Product

l Suitable for variety of cranes and material handling machinery.

l World First-class Development Platform of latest generation tools.

l Includes intelligent functions, such as equipment implementation, real-time monitoring of electrical and mechanical equipments, and management of production.

l Remote monitoring and system data analysis.

l Full management of hoisting machinery, from on-site production to decision making.


Crane Safety Monitoring   Superior Safety Monitoring beyond National Standard

Based on Chinese National Standard GB/T 28264-2012, MHCIMS aims at solving the actual safety problem of crane operating, and designed for comprehensive and reliable crane safety monitoring and management. In our mind, crane safety monitoring is not just logging and displaying crane’s faults, but it needs more pertinent data mining, analyzing and to have preventive maintenance.100% equipments safety data monitoring via short scan time and high speed equipment data display.Synchronized data storage with data acquisition and accurate historical curve trends reviewing, can realize 100% incident tracking and responsibility clarification.Excellent alarm system and fault diagnosis help the customers to process the 100% electrical faults rapidly.


Crane General Information Management   Saving the Crane Management Cost by at Least 20%.


To resolve the customers’ problems during equipment management and maintenance, we have designed 3 major managementfunctions: Crane Health Management, Crane Efficiency Management, and Crane Equipment Maintenance Management, for solving3 kernel problems in crane managing: crane life-span and preventive maintenance judgment, efficiency in crane operating work and

optimizing crane maintenance work. Furthermore, we can also integrate the production management with crane operation into this system. Through the 3 functions, MHCIMS helps the managers to enhance the crane management level and efficiency, and to gain effectiveness in time and money.


l Equipment life expectancy and equipment preventive maintenance reminder help our customers enhance the maintenance efficiency at least 30%.

l Equipment Health Management analyzes the actual situation on equipment running and equipment healthy status, which can help our customers optimize equipment operation and equipment management to save equipment cost at least 20% in most cases.

l Multiple networked MHCIMS is the solution to remote comprehensive and centerized monitoring and management, which can reduce at least 30% personal workload in most cases.

l Real scene management by 3D (Customized)

MHCIMS not only meets the basic customer requirements, but it is also a smart system that is oriented to the future equipmentresource management era. MHCIMS is widely used in overall management of cranes from site to decision-making levels within an organization. Features such as monitoring protection of heavy duty cranes, equipment management, fault diagnosis, tracking, tracing and data logging, management reporting and analysis of system data for each type of overhead traveling crane including gantry cranes (harbor cranes), portal cranes, tower cranes, cable cranes, mast cranes, mobile cranes, and even heavy-duty cranes such as overhead cranes, shipbuilding cranes and heavy duty harbor cranes.

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