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Magnamat bcm Digital Electric Magnet Control Unit

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Product description

Storage battery charging, magnet maintaining and switching device, which is suitable for: charging storage batteries used in industrial electric magnets; monitoring industrial electric magnet power supplies and maintaining magnets by automatically adding batteries. Storage battery charging can be carried out automatically. When maintaining a magnet with batteries, it does not have an attracting and releasing control function. This device has a small size and a robust construction and is both safe and reliable. It is easy to use and provides a humanized Chinese character digital display interface.


The Feature of the Product

 lA robust digital product with thyristors.

 lConstant voltage Constant Current Control Features.

 lBilingual user interface (available in both Chinese and English), simple and intelligent, suitable for metallurgical, high temperature and other harsh environments.

 lContactless control, energy-efficient.

 lPROFIBUS-DP Interface available for industrial field communication.

 lBetty Battery Charger.

 lIt is special industrial product suitable for charging batteries and maintaining magnet of industrial magnets.

 lIt has functions of charging batteries used in industrial magnets, checking operation power supply of industrial magnets and maintaining magnet by automatically shifting power supply to batteries, etc.

 lCharging process is rational and high efficient. This effectively extends lifespan of batteries.

 lIt has small size and comprehensive functions. It is safe and reliable.

 lIts user-friendly Chinese digital display interface is convenient and easy to use.

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