Intelligent system solution port

(Summary description)

Intelligent system solution port

(Summary description)


MHCIMSPort crane information management system

    MHCIMSPort crane information management system is based on many years of crane industry management experience. It includes intuitive display of port crane operation status and management of equipment information, equipment fault reminder and fault diagnosis function, and intuitive observation and analysis of historical operation status through curve. At the same time, the system also provides two solutions of separate management and network management. The system with the most intuitive way, the most convenient operation, the most reliable monitoring, the lowest cost, will be one of your best choices.
二、Network architecture

The system is developed based on mh-scada, with a variety of network architecture, including: local stand-alone scheme, client / server scheme, browser / server scheme. The best networking scheme can be selected according to the specific application environment. The network scheme can be directly extended from the stand-alone scheme with low expansion cost.

The network architecture is mainly divided into three levels: mhcims local workstation, mhcims central server and remote client (browser). All the real-time data, fault information, business and maintenance information of the local workstation can be accessed and queried directly through the remote terminal. It can also be used for remote monitoring through IE browser.

Mh-scada network architecture is based on visual network programming framework, which makes the interface fast and intuitive, data safe and reliable, high real-time, and easy to expand and maintain.

三、Network architecture diagram




四、Major function
 ●  Distributed management

The remote terminal can directly view the operation status and alarm information of all front-end cranes in the network in a distributed way



 ● Real time running state monitoring


 ● Equipment information management
It supports the analysis and statistics of the operation time of each crane mechanism and the use times of main equipment, supports the early warning processing of equipment, and can customize the early warning value, supports the recording and management of equipment maintenance information, and supports the query of operation and maintenance information.


 ● Alarm inquiry and fault analysis
It has many functions, such as historical fault query, PLC program corresponding to fault, information and file corresponding to fault, statistics of specific fault information, electronic document export of fault information, etc.


 ● Real time and historical trend curves
  The data curve to be observed under the mechanism can be arbitrarily selected for real-time data observation, and the historical data curve can also be observed for trend analysis.


 ● State playback
It can save the status information of the device, play back the real-time running pictures, save and export the playback files.


 ● Job statistics
It supports the storage and query of business information. It includes loading and unloading capacity, size, maximum weight and total weight; operation time and standby time within specified time of each organization; query by date, shift and other information; export query information to report and print. The operation record of the box can be viewed.


 ● File and user rights management
Support multi-user login; hierarchical authority management; basic system operation; file and data management operation.

五、Expandable function
Port logistics management module
As an extensible module of port crane information management system, port logistics management can provide users with:
material management
● Material warehousing: receive production instructions or other warehousing instructions and material arrival signals, automatically record the number of warehousing materials, automatically generate the basic code of warehousing materials, automatically determine the storage location according to the warehouse status or the location required by the warehouse administrator, issue operation instructions to the crane, and record the material storage location information according to the crane feedback information( 3D position information). It can distinguish normal warehousing, other warehousing and other warehousing methods.
Material delivery: receive production instruction or other delivery instruction and delivery vehicle arrival signal, automatically generate delivery order number, distinguish normal delivery and other delivery modes, issue operation instruction to crane, deliver materials and record delivery information.

Inventory management:There is no need for manual management. When entering or leaving the warehouse, the system automatically generates the inventory quantity of each type of material, which is convenient for query;
Material classification management: when the materials are different, a virtual warehouse can be established to manage the materials that need to be differentiated.

Inventory management

Users can check the warehouse at any time and automatically generate counting documents, which makes the counting work convenient and fast.

Inventory upper limit alarm: when the inventory quantity does not meet a certain quantity, the system will alarm.

Report generation module
Automatic generation function of month end, quarter end and year end inventory report, stock in and stock out report and counting report, user-defined report to be counted;


Query function
Material receipt query, material issue query, single material query, inventory query, etc. (user defined).
Query is based on a certain condition: material code, material number, receipt or issue date, etc.

Material tracking query function
Material tracking query is mainly completed by ERP system. This software will exchange data with ERP system, which can assist ERP system in material tracking query.

Resume management and query can be carried out for incoming materials.

Image function of reservoir area

Display and manage all the images of the reservoir area, and update the images of the reservoir area according to the crane processing data.

The port logistics management module can also be used as an independent logistics management system to manage in and out materials for users according to the actual situation and needs of users, so as to improve the level of material management. At the same time, it supports the link between the system and the user's ERP system to exchange data and improve the port management ability.

Based on mh-scada technology, meiheng company can manufacture port cluster equipment management system for users in addition to port large crane information management system.


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