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MH Intelligent Grain Storage Solution will enhance the level of grain storage facilities' automation, and minimize the loss of grain storage process. At the same time, it will provide a good quality of life and work environment for operators.

System’s Main Features

l All in one,temperature and humidity inspectionsystem, ventilation system, air conditionsystem, bug condition inspectionsystem, gas inspection system and controlled nitrogen storage system are integrated in on platform.It will save lots of hardware cost than separate one and enhance the management efficiencies.

l All the working processes are managed by specialist system which will achieve the best balance of working efficiency and energy saving.

l All the working processes are controlled automatically and the system will execute protection logic control according to the different alarm state.

l All the working processes are displayed via 3D which will show the operators more details of devices and working process.

l The system can be accessed by mobile App via internet, so the manager can get all the information anytime and anywhere.


All the devices location and states will be displayed in this form, the operator will know the basicinformation by this from.

Temperature and Humidity Inspection

The temperature and humidity of storerooms is inspected in real time, if the value exceeded the set points, the system will be alarm state and the devices will control the temperature and humidity automatically. The temperature and humidity value can be displayed the 3D chart which will display the information visually.

Ventilation System

This system is used for keep the temperature and humidity of grain. It will open or close the windows and fans depending on the temperature and humidity value. The specialist system will decide the ventilation craft (such as the airflow mode, fans’ working time, etc) for controlling the temperature and humidity more accurately.

Air Condition System

This system is the similar as ventilation system, the only difference is the devices, this system is controlled by air condition, not fan and windows.

Controlled NitrogenStorage System

This system will kill the bugs via filling the nitrogen, the nitrogen is more safe and environmental than phosphorus hydride. The system will inspect associatedparameters via sensors, such as the nitrogen concentration and differential pressure, then the system will decide the nitrogen volume and airflow according to the specialist algorithm which achieve best deinsectization effect and energy saving.

Bug Inspection system

This system will inspect the bugs’ breed, density and all the inspection information will be logged automatically. Then the system will provide the associated recommend method to kill the bugs.

Mission Management

All the mission (such as the temperature and humidity inspection, bug inspection, controlled nitrogen storage system, etc) can be managed via the schedule kind ways, the operator only set the mission date and time, special parameters (such as the working time, temperature limited value, etc), then the whole system will work in the auto mode.

At the same time, the system will provide recommend parameters to operator, so the system will workmore smart than traditional working mode.

Mobile App

This system supports the mobile APP, such as IOS, Android platform, so the manager and operators can get the system real-time state anywhere and anytime. Some authorized people even control the system via mobile APP. So this will increase the management of flexibility.


MH Intelligent grain storage solution is a smart solution for grain storage, it’s more high efficient, energy saving, environmental than traditionalmanagement, it will be the mainstream solution of the future grain storage.

More details, in “Product Center”。