Based on our several ten years’ experience on the development, design manufacturing and service of crane automation and information systems, with our professional innovation by our international R&D team, we are now able to offer comprehensive smart solutions for Crane Automation and Information Systems which includes the following sub-systems or modules.


l Full Intelligent Crane Automation System.

       Intelligent controls, health management and smart workshop logistic system.


l Intelligent Remote Control Platform.

       Remote control, data transmission and friendly HMI.


l Smart Anti-sway Controls.

       Easy commissioning, reliable and effective.



       Safety monitoring, health management and energy/efficiency management.


l Smart Sensors

l Comprehensive Gearbox Monitor.

l Comprehensive Brake Monitor.

l Load Limiter.

       All other sensors scientifically selected by us to accommodate for automation systems.

l We Serve

       New Cranes + Crane System Updating.

       We understand our customers’ demands in safety, efficiency, energy saving and intelligent   manufacture.


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